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Alumni calendar

As alumni you are very welcome to visit the Academy for all the activities, expositions and projects that are organized. Below you can find an overview of what to expect in the first months of the upcoming academic year. Of course, we also invite you to walk in at any moment to say hello and visit the school at your own pace.

Drawing Club in Het Bos every Friday starting 7 October: the idea is to invite those who like to draw so that we can all draw together. Bring your own material and paper. It's not a drawing lesson, it is really just about coming together and inspiring each other to let our artistic side out!

What's Next? SMART  Monday 28 November from 7:40 - 9:30 pm in room F2.8 (campus Mutsaard): Smart is a workers' cooperative where you can go with your professional projects. In order to be able to develop your economic activities without any worries, it makes shared resources and tools available. Want to know more? Then don't miss this session!

Noorderlicht 2022 – Met de Deur in Huis Thursday 24 November: Noorderlicht 2022 is a socially connecting event. The aim is to organize a warm, low-threshold and accessible, connecting neighborhood event for a mostly foreign-speaking audience from various social classes in Antwerp-North. More information on the Facebook page of the event.

Every Two Weeks Tuesday 29 November: This week: Rohan Steinmeyer with "Hot Takes". “When I ask you for your “hot take” on any given topic, it is an invitation to share your most outrageous opinion on said topic. It is a prompt which requires you to over or under analyze anything from the branches on a tree to three legged robots, with the express intention of being stupid. As art students, we are constantly asked to dive into our own worlds, to research movements and styles and have countless references for our work. We are bombarded with expectations to take ourselves and our work too seriously, because we are made to believe that this will lead to success, which we have again been made to believe is worth achieving. This is all too much too handle. In the face of all this industrial pressure, I say, “Don’t be afraid to be stupid.” We need more outrageousness, more banality, more outlandish opinions. We need to throw shame and stigma into a burning trash can and indulge in senseless, overly intellectual discussions that ultimately result in nothing substantial, but instead, something heartfelt and humorous. HOT TAKES with Rohan Kale Steinmeyer is the invitation we all need, nay, deserve, to take a bite out of life’s juicy, juicy cakes.”

What's Next? Bart Vanderbiesen | Base-Apha Gallery  Wednesday 7 December from 12 - 2 pm in the Wintertuin (campus Mutsaard): Bart will explain how to determine a correct price for your work of art and how the collaboration with a gallery works. See you there!

Every Two Weeks Tuesday 13 December: This week: Cecile Taylor with "Step by Step". “Based of concrete construction memories, I want to break down the building of ‘House as Home’. Creating performance driven  instillations/ scenographies. I will build a House which translate my experiences of construction in absurd elements that will come together as an archival piece of the building process.”

Just Checking in Saturday 17 December, from 10 am -12:30 pm at the Academy: The event Just Checking in wants to help you find answers to the most relevant questions, frustrations and thoughts you have about working in the arts sector. It's an opportunity to meet older alumni, hear about their experiences and expand your network. We have invited alumni from every department to talk about their own journey and the choices they made to lead them to where they are now. Stories worth listening to. Alumni who graduated in 2022 can register via this form, all other alumni are welcome to join the closing reception and have to register via this link!

Antwerp Academy Art Sale Saturday 17 December, from 12 - 6 pm at the Academy: Unique chance to buy a work of art from one of our students during the cosiest art fair ever!