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Course material Music

Browse and click through the course material of the Music programme (classical and jazz).

Classical Music

String instruments

During their first years at the conservatory, students are thoroughly prepared for the specific way of playing in orchestras. During this introduction they work on playing together, making contact, leading a pupit and all other aspects of 'orchestral playing'. 




Practical harmony

  • Course material: website for the option within Practical Harmony and Improvisation. This website exists thanks to a collaboration between several European conservatoires.


  • Lesson: guitar practice. This free improvisation was played within the course of guitar practice by Hendrik Braeckman. This course builds on the course practical harmony in the bachelor years. Arne Torfs, master student, will perform a free improvisation inspired by Gustav Klimt's Flower Garden.

Music and literature

Music and Literature is a subject for vocal students bachelor 3, master 1 and 2 and a specialization in the master Collaborative piano. These presentations are used by Arne Herman to support his lessons. 


  • Lesson: warm-up exercises for bachelor 1 (audio)

  • Lesson: preparation for bachelor 1 exams (audio) 


Advanced keyboard Musicianship 1

Wind instruments: literature and chamber music

Some important pillars of the course literature study in Bachelor 2 and 3, given by Jan De Maeyer:

Art philosophy

Harmony and counterpoint


Harmony and analysis

  • Exercise: The task: "Here is a melody (AABA) I would like you to put harmony to. It’s in one key with perhaps a modulation. You can use: modes-exceptions-secondary dominants. Nothing else."
  • Exercise Stella by Starlight. The task:  "I wrote 3 notes on the first bar. Here is a list of a few things i would like you to do. 1- move these 3 voices through the harmony using the rules we talked about in class. Practice moving through the harmony singing/playing 1 voice. 2- Make a analysis of the progression using Roman figures 3- written down the different scales you could be using of each chords 4- Write an alternate set of changes.

General music training


Music history 

Double bass

Bass guitar