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Come again, thank you: GRADUATES 2019

This exhibition is the first professional exhibition of the selected Masters and graduated Bachelors of the Royal Academy. They are young photographers, sculptors, theater costume designers, painters, graphic designers, printmakers, jewelery designers, fashion designers and In Situ³ artists who are paving their way in the exhibition circuit.

It's no coincidence that a vacant retail space is being converted into a pop-up gallery for the occasion. In a shopping street, the artists exhibit in an unexpected space, challenging passers-by to look beyond what is on display.

The exhibition is curated by Spank Moons.

Finissage on Thursday 26th of September > 19h00

Live performances and installation by
Carly Rae Heathcote & Mery Thi Coopman
Annelies MH Rasker aka HUGO
beats by Zino Moons

Introduction by Johan Pas

starts at 19h00 sharp !

Welcome !

Participating artists:

Masters in Fine Arts
Nel Maertens - Fashion
Adriaan Marin - Printmaking
Eli Verkeyn - Theatre costume design
Laksanaporn Mink Chonsamoe - Theatre costume design
Huybrechts Rik - Photography
Marilou Dejans - Painting
Afroditi Anastopoulou - Theatre costume design
Lily O'Hara - Theatre costume design
Timothée de Brouwer - Sculpture
Magalie Rolus - Graphic Design
Zena Van den Block- Sculpture
Gwendolyn De Vocht - Painting
Annelies MH Rasker - Theatre costume design (present, but also a performance on 26th of September)
Bereníke Gregoor- Sculpture
Louis Wouters - Photography
Senne Roekens - Sculpture
Ramiro De Backer Mezquida - Sculpture
Lieke Winter - Printmaking
Sophia de Groot - Jewellery design & gold-and silversmithing
Gert-jan Van Goethem - Printmaking
Anna Godzina - In Situ (installation in September )

Bachelors in Fine Arts
Mathilde Timmerman - Theatre costume design
Kim Wey - Printmaking
Gille Peeters - Jewellery design & gold-and silversmithing
Carly Rae Heathcote - Theatre costume design
(Installation & performance on the 26th of September)

June 28, 29 and 30  
July 4, 5 and 6
August 21 -  September 28
Open from Thursday to Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM