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Rabo de Toro

Six guys were put together in a secluded room for a couple of weeks, it was not clear if it was a social experiment, a theatre class, or maybe an anachronic boys club.

One of them, the oldest and who came from far away, self-described as a creepy fag Santa Claus, brought a huge bag of food for equal distribution. In the bag, they found an archeological artifact that some people on Planet Earth call “theatre text”, a western canon about the terrorist period in the French Revolution, also known as “Danton’s Death” by Georg Büchner.

They also found in the bag the Invisible Committee manifestos around the complex crises-insurrection-dictatorship (“To our friends”), Paul Preciado was there giving some insights on striptease as a project for Patriarchy maintenance (“Pornotopia”) and Angela Nagle got out of the bag with the description of the disgusting contemporary manosphere and its white terrorist necro-politics (“Kill all normies”).

Meanwhile, there was a strike going on outside the room. “The money for youth has been cut”, said the banal politician. Anyway, they all devoured the food, they ate and ate, they laughed, and they had fun. They made a game out of it: “boy, eat as much as you can till the dramatic moment in which you will throw up in the middle of the room”. They all threw up, and it was very fun, until the food ... run out. They tried to pee, to shit, to sweat, but it was not as fun as it was when they were simply vomiting. The hunger for food kept on growing, they looked at each other and realized that the only food in the room was their own flesh and blood.


By Mil Sinaeve, Nathan Christiaensen, Scott Reniers, Tibbe Walckiers en Timon Kouloumpis.

Coaching by Rodrigo Batista

Internal lecture for the students by Felipe Freller: “The Terror, from an emanation of virtue to the foreshadowing of totalitarianism”

TRIGGER WARNINGS: stroboscope, smoke machine, nicotine smoke, fake blood, pornography, misogyny and texts about terrorism.