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The Space Between

Audio and video performance and installation

Audio producer and PhD student in the arts Katharina Smets explores narratives that come to life in the space between image, sound and text. In close collaboration with video artist and photographer Ingrid Leonard, musician and sound artist Inne Eysermans. A space where a story is being constructed when these three elements come together, in the perception and imagination of the audience.

The Space Between is an artistic research project about the empty space between people who otherwise are very close: family, neighbours, friends. Uncomfortable stories that keep haunting us and keep evolving in our memory. Sometimes, this feeling of discomfort and distance can be settled for a short time by machines built to contain memories: in audio, images and music. Based on personal archives and memories, developed the story of a photoshoot near a lake in Poland more than 70 years ago.They will track, dig and reconstruct to try to bridge that space between us in time and distance. They look for a place of stillness in between the whirlwind of history, emotion, and choices made. Language, image and music each will give meaning in their own way.

The three artists will be present from 3 to 19 April in the Lodgers space. The space in MUHKA will remain open to the public during their work and experiments.

05/04 at 7 pm
12/04 at 7 pm
19/04 at 7 pm

Registration is not necessary, the installation / performance is accessible free of charge.

This is a first part of Lodgers curated by ARIA (Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts).

This residence / exhibition / installation / performance is part of the PhD project The auditory imagination in which Katharina Smets conducts research into the audiostory as an art form on the border of media, drama and literature. Read more about this research at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (AP Hogeschool) in collaboration with ARIA: