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Studium Generale 2020-2021: Hilde Van den Bulck (ENG)

'Pick a Dessert and We Reveal Which Hogwarts Professor You Are': Social Media and Your Data

Digital platforms aimed at creating social networks – better known under the misnomer social media – are an inherent part of our lives. We are ‘all’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, yes, TikTok. With every click, upload, comment and fun quiz we provide a tremendous amount of private data that feed algorithms of all kind.

Trading these data with so-called third parties is an inherent part of the business model of digital platforms. The talk explores the relative value of these data for the various parties involved as well as important legal and ethical issues. To this end, we combine results from empirical research with more abstract considerations regarding (data) privacy and related concepts such as trust, surveillance but also consumers as digital laborers.

Ultimately, we want to provide food for thought: when it comes to our privacy and digital network platforms: are we too concerned or not nearly concerned enough?

This lecture will be held in English.

In the light of the measures in place against the spread of the coronavirus, the lectures will take place online (via livestream).

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