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FAQ covid-19 - Academy

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has the world in its grip. As a college university we are committed to our social responsibility, and have thus taken necessary actions and precautions to help prevent and slow down the spread of the coronavirus. By being proactive as a community we can safeguard the health of our own students and staff, as well as the well-being of those with whom we interact - especially vulnerable groups.

The impact of the coronavirus will continue to be felt in our daily (college) life for quite some time. During these unprecedented circumstances we keep monitoring the situation & measures and make adjustments wherever necessary. After all, we are heavily dependent on the evolution of the virus and on guidelines from higher authorities (such as the government, VLHORA …). Thus, some of the information below might change slightly or more details will follow shortly. Stay tuned.  

CORONA UPDATE 23/11/2020

Update code red.
What does that mean for you? 

  • The theory classes will continue to be offered online. 
  • The practical courses will be offered on campus, as long as we strictly adhere to previous agreements: wear a mouth mask (also in the garden and on the parking lot); keep a 1,5 m. distance; wash your hands; disinfect the equipment before and after use; ventilate the classrooms. Each graduation course organizes the lessons in such a way that these measures can be used.  
  • Internships can take place according to the agreements made in the sector and with the internship partner.  
  • At the student secretary's office a receptionist is provided. The other administrative staff members are required to work from home.  
  • You can ask for a personal interview with student counselor Sofie Hiels by appointment and this can also take place on campus from November 30th. 
  • The campus library is open, with limited services. 
  • The student restaurant remains closed.  
  • The theory exams of January will be held online. 
  • The studio evaluations of January will, until further notice, be able to take place on campus (see the appointments regarding the practical lessons). 
  • extra studio time during vacations or weekends > see mail sent on 26/11/2020


Students can find information about prevention measures, contact tracing, ... on the intranet.


  • Sick? Stay home.
  • Keep your distance (min. 1,5 m) on and off campus.
  • Wear your mouth mask on an around the campus all the time.
  • No physical contact (e.g. shaking hands, kissing, hugging, touching ...)
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with water and soap. 
  • Use the disinfecting hand sanitizer that has been provided throughout our campuses. 
  • Sneeze or cough into a paper tissue, which you dispose immediately in a closed-off trash can.
  • No paper tissue? Sneeze or cough in the crook of your arm.

Please read the full list of prevention measures here.


It's important that we keep a close eye on all (possible) corona contaminations, so we can take action asap when needed. 

In addition to corona tracing by the government, AP has launched an internal contact tracing cel to monitor (possible) corona contaminations within our university college. This allows us to personally contact and advise our students and staff.  

When should I contact the AP Corona Tracing team? 

  • you may have been contaminated with corona 
  • you have an appointment for a coronatest
  • you have tested positive for corona 

How should I contact the AP Corona Tracing team? 

  • To report (possible) corona contaminations:
  • To make sure we can closely monitor (possible) corona contaminations, please report to our prevention service asap: 
    • if you might have been exposed to a corona contamination
    • if you have an appointment for a coronatest 
    • if you have tested positive for corona 

Mail us: preventie.milieu@ap.be 
Call our AP hotline: 03 220 59 99 (on workdays between 9 am - 4 pm).

Please note! We try to answer individual questions (via mail, telephone, social media ...) in a timely manner. However, we have over 14.000 students and 1.500 staff members ... So we count on your patience and understanding. 


  • Always follow government guidelines
  • Check here how and when you need to fill out the Passenger Locator Form
  • Report your absence to your head of teaching (student) or supervisor (staff). Do you have a certificate of mandatory quarantaine? Please hand it in as well. 
  • Together we will look for a solution. 

Return from a green zone 
You may visit the campus, UNLESS:  

  • you have symptoms
  • you feel sick 
  • you have tested positive for corona 
  • you have been informed by a contact tracing center of a possible contamination 

Return from an orange zone 
The government advises you to take a coronatest (appointment via your doctor/GP or ITM) and stay home in quarantine while you wait for the results

  • Contact your doctor/GP or take a coronatest through ITM as soon as you can to be tested and to go into quarantine after arrival. 
  • If you test negative for the covid-19 virus, you will remain in quarantine at home. At the earliest five days after the first test, and nine days after your return, a second test will follow. If this test is also negative, you no longer need to remain in quarantine. If the test is positive, follow the instructions of your doctor and stay in self-isolation.
  • If you test positive for the covid-19 virus with the first test, you stay in self-isolation for at least 7 days and follow the instructions of your doctor. The contact tracers will contact you to identify all your close contacts.
  • Please hang on to your test result, so you can present proof when asked.  

Return from a red zone
You must stay in quarantine immediately upon your return home. You may not visit the campus.

  • Hand in an absence certificate.
  • Take a coronatest (appointment via your doctor/GP or ITM).  

All students travelling to Belgium will need to complete the Public Health Passenger Locator Form, IN THE 48 HOURS BEFORE YOU ARRIVE TO BELGIUM!!!
More information can be found here: https://travel.info-coronavirus.be/public-health-passenger-locator-form

Students from neighboring countries who don’t have a residence in Belgium and are travelling back and forth between their home and our school have an exemption from quarantine only in the context of work or study related activities as these are essential movements. The exemption to quarantine does not apply to social activities outside the school. 


A bit of both. It’s important that you have enough real life opportunities to study and socialize with your fellow students and teachers. This will benefit your education, personal growth and well-being.  

Rest assured: we will organize as many activities as possible on campus. This will certainly be the case for practical subjects and projects such as rehearsals, workshops ... Naturally, educational activities on campus will be organised slightly different from before. For example: classes will be taught in smaller groups and with the necessary prevention measures such as social distancing and perhaps even mouth masks. At this moment, we are investigating the possibilities for introducing specific safety regulations within the artistic practice, as used in the professional field. 

In addition, online education will also be continued next year. These digital classes will mainly be reserved for theory and combined with live interim evaluations on campus. Our IT staff and teachers have digitised and optimised the curriculum, to facilitate distance learning. As always, our teachers will pay ample attention to personal contact and guidance.   

To make sure new students can familiarize themselves with higher education, first-year students will probably get to spend more time on campus. More experienced students will work digitally slightly more frequently, though of course we will make sure they also get to spend enough time on campus. 

More details will follow.  


You can still study in the library and borrow study materials, albeit slightly different from before. More details will follow. 
Read more about the library of the Academy 


We consider international experiences (e.g. Erasmus, foreign internships, (collaborative) projects ...) an enrichment for both you as a student and us as a school.  

  • We do everything we can to ensure that international experiences within Europe can continue as much, as smoothly and as safely as possible. We won’t be able to give the go ahead to leave until a month before departure and when doing so, will take into consideration local guidelines of the chosen country and partner institute.  
  • Unfortunately, international experiences outside Europe cannot take place for the time being. 

More details will follow.  


There will certainly be room for fun and relaxation, albeit slightly different from before. It’s important that you have enough opportunities to socialize with fellow students in real life. This will benefit your education, personal growth and well-being.  

  • The UA Plus Pass (which allows you to enjoy sports and culture at a discount) currently has 3 possible scenarios in the running for the upcoming academic year. They will announce the final outcome online on September 16th. More info here
  • As always,  the student associations will also treat you to support and entertainment. They are still working on their new (adapted) programme.    


We understand that this uncertain situation creates certain doubts and concerns, but we will do everything we can to make sure your new adventure at our Schools of Arts runs smoothly. There will be enough time and attention for you as a freshman to get to know the campus, to bond with your fellow students and teachers, to enjoy the delights of student life ... In short, we will make sure that you can familiarize yourself with your new student life.  


Whether you are a bachelor, master or (post)graduate student: we want to make sure all our students have an amazing academic year. Should you experience problems with studying and/or adjusting along the way, we will look for the right solution(s) together. As always, we have a massive team at the ready to offer you support, guidance and motivation.