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Erasmus: "Hard work but it's all worth it so much!"

Emma Wills has just returned from her Erasmus exchange with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in Glasgow. She tells us more about this wonderful experience. While she was in Scotland she made some nice studio recordings that we like to share. 

Why did you go on Erasmus?

Emma: Because I really wanted to study abroad, was curious about the position of the classical guitar in other countries, to make foreign connections, ... In the beginning I had no clear idea where I wanted to go. But soon it became clear to me that I wanted to go to Scotland. Classical guitar has a very high level in the Conservatory of Scotland and my goal was to learn as much as possible. So my choice went in the first place specifically to Glasgow because of the high level of education, in combination with my curiosity for Scottish nature and culture. I fell in love with this beautiful country. 

What else do you take from this experience into your life as a musician?

Emma: I've learned a lot from this experience, too much to mention. But in general I'm convinced I've become a better musician after this Erasmus exchange, on all levels. I got very good opportunities in the Conservatory of Music in Scotland and grabbed them firmly with both hands and never let go. Through this experience I take with me an even greater motivation as a musician to work towards my dreams, besides that I have also made friends for life. 

Would you recommend it to others?

Emma: Yes, yes, yes! And again, yes! It's the perfect opportunity to start a musical future abroad and to learn to stand on your own two feet. It is easier to summarize it briefly and powerfully in a few words: instructive, enjoyable, motivating, inspiring, ... hard-working-but it's all worth it!