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Jazz Middelheim 2020

In September at Park Den Brandt you can enjoy a selection of Belgian jazz toppers - great names who would have done well at Jazz Middelheim even in a 'normal' year. And of course the Antwerp jazz students aren't to be missed either.

On Saturday 19/9 Jazz Middelheim programs the band aki. You can hear Ruben Van Cauwenberghe on harmonica, Willem Heylen on guitar, Jasper De Roeck on double bass and Anke Verslype on drums. Listen to this atmospheric session recorded  in our classrooms.

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KRANKk doesn't let itself be tagged, but live they are link a cannonball at speed. Their music is infectiously exciting, danceable and super virtuoso. If you don't know them, you can get to know them at Jazz Middelheim. The students were coached by Andrew Claes. They will play on Thursday 24/9. Watch a session below.

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