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New research projects

We are pleased to present the new research projects starting in September 2021 at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

We would like to congratulate the researchers and welcome the new colleagues to our Schools of Arts.
We are very much looking forward to our collaboration and the development of these projects.

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Two-year research projects: 

  • Seynabou Claerhout, ‘The Power of Rhythm in Jazzimprovisation and -compositions’ (Conservatoire, promotor Nicolas Thys)
  • Andrea di Serego Alighieri, ‘WISDOMSHOULDBESUNG Word Spacing and the Aphabetization of Silence’ (Academy, promotors Johan Pas & Heide Hinrichs)
  • Charo Calvo, ‘Sound Choreographies. Listening to dance’ (Academy and Conservatoire, promotor Kristof Timmerman)
  • Giusy Caruso, ‘T*ActiLE: Technology and Action-led Experience in music performance’ (Academy and Conservatoire, promotor Wim Henderickx)
  • Alexis Gautier, ‘What to do with what you do? (Researching the textile archives of Richard Tuttle and Thomas Bayrle)’ (Academy, promotor Nico Dockx)
  • Tina Gillen, ‘Forms of Life’ (Academy, promotor Guy Bovyn)
  • Max Greyson, ‘Speaking Figures’ (Conservatoire, promotor Nienke Reehorst)
  • Jeroen Malaise, ‘L'Art de Preluder (1760-1850)’ (Conservatoire, promotor Yves Senden)
  • Gina Poortman, ‘Your BodyText’ (Academy, promotor Bas Rogiers)
  • Simon Roberts, ‘Borderlands – Investigating the edges of Europe and the photographic’ (Academy, promotor Bert Danckaert)
  • Chris Snik, ‘Karakter door Coupe. Naar een Geïntegreerde Kostuumontwerpmethode’ (Academy, promotor Edith Cassiers)
  • Katrien Van Opstal, ‘The Singer Inside Out’ (Conservatoire, promotor Hendrik Braeckman)
  • David Vergauwen, ‘Flor Alpaerts (1876-1954): muzikaal portret van de componist, dirigent en pedagoog’ (Conservatoire, promotor Aäron Wajnberg)
  • Serge Verstockt, ‘Les Nymphéas digitales’ (Academy and Conservatoire, promotor Ine Vanoeveren)

One-year research projects:

  • Hannah Aelvoet & Jan Dewilde, ‘Joodse muziek aan het Antwerps Conservatorium: 'entartete Kunst?'’ (Conservatoire, promotor Aäron Wajnberg)
  • Michela Dal Brollo & Inés Ballesteros, ‘Living Equipment: Portable spaces’ (Academy, promotor Roel Arkestijn)
  • Lisi Estaras, ‘Art Brut, Dance and Disabilities’ (Conservatoire, promotor Kathleen Coessens)
  • Wouter Hillaert, ‘(N)iets nieuws in theater?’ (Conservatoire, promotor Clara van den Broeck)
  • Lidia Sierra Rodriguez, ‘Poverty, or the new source of infinity. A Grotowski-inspired psychophysical liberation from the musical score’ (Conservatoire, promotor Yves Senden)
  • Dan Mussett, ‘THE DATING PROJECT_the game’ (Academy, promotor Janna Beck)
  • Berit Schneidereit, ‘Continuous Space / Flying Minds’ (Academy, promotor Steven Humblet)
  • Liselotte Sels & Eugeen Schreurs, ‘Een polyfoon conservatorium’ (Conservatoire, promotor Frank Agsteribbe)
  • Clare Strand, ‘One Can Look at Seeing, But One Can’t Hear Hearing’ (Academy, promotor Inge Henneman)

One-year start projects:

  • Manon Avermaete, ‘Het mede-eigenaarschap van het jonge kind in de artistieke performance’ (Conservatoire, promotor Annouk Van Moorsel)
  • Ine Meganck, ‘Phantom Radio’ (Academy, promotor Ines Cox)
  • Georgia Nikolaou, ‘Moving in Musicking: Promoting social inclusiveness for children at risk’ (Conservatoire, promotor Luc Nijs)
  • Marijn Prakke, ‘De kleinst mogelijke minderheid: Acteren en normativiteit’ (Conservatoire, promotor Erwin Jans)
  • Oxiea Villamonte, ‘Next of Kin’ (Academy, promotor Nico Dockx)


Image: Gina Poortman, ‘The Body Text Body’, research project 2020-2021 at the Academy