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Screening job market professor Viola

The School of Arts Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp of the AP University College Antwerp proceeds to a screening of the job market for a teaching assignment Professor Viola (classical music) 
(start September 2023) 

1. Screening of the job market

The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp of the AP University College Antwerpen organizes a screening of the job market for a teaching assignment Professor Viola (classical music).

2. Qualified persons

Staff members of the Royal Conservatoire – AP University College Antwerpen as well as external persons.

3. Job description 

To train creative musicians through individual and group orientated classes, conducting rehearsals, coaching pedagogical projects, research etc. 

4. Profile

The candidate: 

  • is an artistic personality, active as a professional viola player on established national and international stages as a soloist, in chamber music or as leading orchestral musician.

  • is proficient in the complete viola repertoire, from baroque till contemporary repertoire;

  • preferably has experience with and/or knowledge of historical instrumentation;

  • has an extensive discography as an instrumentalist;

  • combines artistic and pedagogical talent and experience and can prove his/her pedagogical skills (include supporting documents in the application file);

  • shows great enthusiasm which can be transmitted to the students, puts the students at the center, gives them enough room for personal development and knows how to motivate them;

  • thinks solution-focused and is a team player;

  • is flexible and committed;

  • is prepared to stimulate artistic research among the students, research competencies are recommended;

  • is interested in deepening the personal artistic practice through performance-oriented research;

  • has experience with or is interested in interdisciplinary project work.


The candidate

  • lives or works in Belgium or is willing to work or live in Belgium;
  • has close relations to the Belgian music network;
  • is willing to cooperate with colleagues in the framework of a pedagogical project;
  • is loyal to the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp and AP University College Antwerp;
  • has a fluent knowledge of Dutch and English, or is willing to become proficient to this level;
  • has good artistic and pedagogical references as well as team player references. (evidence documents must be included in the application file);
  • for international candidates: has a European nationality or a work permit for Belgium, evidence of this should be included in the application file.


5. Procedure

Phase 1send in your file before December 7th 2022 at 9.00h a.m.

Interested candidates are requested to submit a file. This file needs to contain the following:
-    letter of motivation and curriculum vitae (list of concerts and discography included);
-    written out artistic references regarding the international reputation and artistic career as a viola player (letters of reference);
-    proof of European nationality or work permit for Belgium;
-    pedagogical references (including coordinates / contact details) or evidence of pedagogical assignments, preferably at higher education level;
-    a memo on the personal vision of the artistic-pedagogical project that one wishes to realise at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

Phase 2 – first selection based on file:
A first selection by the Artistic board of the Music program takes place based on the file: the artistic board can decide to involve additional experts to make this selection.

Phase 3 – screening tests on 7th and 8th February 2023
Selected candidates are invited to participate in a screening test, which will be evaluated by a screening commission with internal and external experts. The test consists of: 

  • a public lesson with 2 students of different level and in different repertoire 
  • the candidate presents a 30-minute program, with at least 1 work from the Baroque period or Classicism, from which the jury may choose.
  • If one opts for a work with accompaniment, the candidate will provide his/her own pianist or harpsichord player
  • an interview on the motivation, the chosen compositions, the repertoire, the view on the methodology of study and on the contents and the structure of the curriculum, the evaluation of the students, concerts, a case study, etc.

The following elements will be considered for the ranking of the candidates by the commission:
-    the file submitted
-    the public lesson
-    the pedagogical experience
-    the interview
-    the recital
-    the artistic personality

The screening commission writes a motivated report on the result of the screening, and this contains the ranking of the candidates.

Phase 4 – possible employment:
Based on the results of this screening, the artistic board will investigate the possibilities for a possible employment (guest professor status) and will conduct the necessary dialogues in that regard. 
If this results in an employment, the candidate will be offered a remuneration as a guest professor. The assignment volume of this contract (amount of employment) will be calculated based on the number of students: depending on the actual number of students enrolled in the class, the salary will be calculated proportionally.

If no candidates apply for this screening, or if none of the candidates applied are ranked by the screening commission, or if the interviews for possible employment do not result in a positive recommendation, the artistic board can initiate employment interviews with a candidate teacher outside this screening procedure to temporarily fill the vacancy. 
In that case, the external candidate-teacher is evaluated at the end of the academic year, with the assessment proceeding in accordance with (phase 3 of) the usual screening procedure.

6. Practical information

Interested persons are requested to submit a file (description see point 5 phase 1) by mail to before December 7th 2022 at 9.00h a.m.

Additional information is available with Inge Simoens, Head of Classical Music. or tel. +32 473 86 22 02.

More information on the Music programme can be found on The screening regulations (Dutch) can be consulted here.