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In times of Corona, there is a lot of creativity on social media. Lessons are given from home, rehearsals and concerts take place online. Here is an overview of remarkable initiatives by students, alumni and teachers.

  • What if... you're stuck at home struggling with your 7/8 groove? Don't worry, here's bass teacher Benoit Vanderstraeten.
  • Humour, essential when you sit at home and have to study, must have been the thoughts of student Griet Grypdonck when she recorded this 'Mahler in corona-mode'.
  • Check this outstanding collaboration of jazz alumni. Harrison Steingueldoir wrote and musicians Fien Desmet, Erik Bogaerts, Jelle Van Giel, Janos Bruneel and Thomas Decock brought their home-recorded play together in this song.
  • Besides being a Drama student, Anke Verschueren is also a great singer. In this version of 'Dear Mr. President', she changes her loopstation for a piano and two sisters.
  • A big shout out to these dance students who, while staying at home, are staying in shape as well!
  • If you don't have an orchestra, be one yourself. This beautiful arrangement by alumni Jelle Tassyns (composition) and Joyce Kuipers was recorded in their home studio.
  • Teacher Jeroen Billiet was a guest at radio Klara. During the broadcast Music Matters XXL Olav Grondelaers and Mark Janssens talk about the effect of the Corona crisis on the music world.
  • Eliane Rodrigues, teacher Piano, brings the concert hall to her audience by livestreaming piano pieces.
  • Nico Couck and his guitar class perform a Guitar Lockdown concert series:
  • The Antwerp company Ode an die Freunde, with alumni of the Conservatory, performs a lullaby from their room.
  • In the aftermath of their collaboration with Marie Daulne (Zap Mama), the vocal ensemble of the Jazz Department (called CoVoc-19 for the occasion) brings their version of 'Singing Sisters'.
  • Masterstudent Drama Gijs Savelberg a.k.a. Pimp Ampet wrote a song about Corona: Coroon.
  • A rose is a rose is a rose. Fleur and Marjolein bring 'Délibes Duo de Fleurs'. Also a flower for pianist Greet Wauters.
  • Social Music Making on a Global Scale in Pandemic Times: a new version of Terry Riley's In C by..:  Ine Vanoeveren, Raphael Malfliet, Thomas Moore, Lode Leire, Nico Couck, Karin de Fleyt and Hanne De Backer. All are teachers, researchers, alumni,... from the Conservatoire.
  • A lullaby by Jazz student Lien Schoonis: LEAN - A Lullaby
  • During the lockdown, you can still work on your summer body! With alumna of our bachelor and teacher training Dance, Jotka Bauwens: FITplusTIP met JOT.
  • The Chamber Music Festival should have taken place in the first weekend of May. However, the corona crisis could not stop the trumpet students from playing their piece for the annual festival. Via digital means the sextet came together to play Concert Fanfare by Eric Ewazen.
  • Our singing class brings Happy Birthday for teacher Lucienne Van Deyck.

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