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Studium Generale 2020-2021: Paul Van Tigchelt (ENG) > cancelled

This lecture is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

Resilience to radicalisation

Extremism and terrorism do not occur in a vacuum. They are often preceded by a process of polarisation and radicalisation. Alienation from our society makes individuals vulnerable to being influenced by all kinds of extremist ideologies (left-wing, right-wing, Jihadi-Salafi). The Internet plays a major part in this: half of the world's population is connected to the World Wide Web. Never has there been so much information and never has the risk of being influenced by mis- or disinformation been so great.

So the challenges are many. Faced with the hybridisation of the threat are the security services. They have to predict the unpredictable. From all the available data, they must try to extract the important elements and identify the triggers why people resort to violence. In addition, society must remain critical and not be fooled by the infodemic that is coming our way. The role of the media in balanced and nuanced reporting is essential here.

This lecture will be held in English.

In the light of the measures in place against the spread of the coronavirus, the lectures will take place online (via livestream).

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