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The Schools of Arts combine artistic and pedagogical know-how, expertise and (cross-curricular) curiosity. At the same time, they are separated by a subject-specific modus operandi, curriculum, pedagogical organization and creative process. This research arose from the demand of the different programs of the Schools of Arts for a large, interdisciplinary project that starts from a collaborative point of view.

The starting point is a topic to which everyone can connect in one way or another: the Bardo Thodol. This book - written in the context of Tibetan Buddhism - serves as a guidebook for dying well and, by extension, living well. History has already given shape to these subjects in so many ways, and that is precisely why it is a good choice here: it is a universal fact, a source of inspiration, cross-cultural but also connecting, relevant and meaningful to an audience.

This project wants to investigate to what extent the same starting point can lead to different inspirations within the different disciplines. The question here is whether it will be possible to ultimately combine the creative processes in order to work out an end goal that is more than the sum of the separate parts.