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Chloé Lybaert

Over the past ten years, Chloé Lybaert has built up extensive expertise and experience in education. After graduating in Languages and Literature at Ghent University, she took a teacher training course in 2010 while working on a PhD in Dutch linguistics. Driven by my strong interest in (language) didactics, she subsequently followed a specialisation in Dutch as a second language education (NT2), and a masterclass in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). During these courses, she learned a lot about didactics in general and about education directed at activating pupils in specific. 

Since 2014, Chloé Lybaert has been putting this knowledge into practice. Since then, she has been teaching oral and written communication and language skills at AP in the Educational Master, and at Ghent University she teaches Dutch writing skills and text revision to native speakers of Dutch and teach NT2 to Erasmus students.

Chloé Lybaert also proficient in the supervision of research: at AP she helps students with their educational research projects and at Ghent University where she assist students with their Bachelor's and Master's theses.