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Jeroen Billiet

Jeroen Billiet studied with teacher Luc Bergé at the conservatories of Ghent and Brussels. In June 2001 he graduated with great distinction for the final examinations horn at this latter conservatory, he also obtained the diploma of Master in Music and followed the teacher training.

He took master classes and private lessons with, among others, Froydis Ree Wekre, Thimothy Jones, Claude Maury, Uli Hübner and Anthony Halstead and gained orchestral experience at several youth orchestras (FJOV, Biyo, Jeune Orchester Atlantique ...) and at various professional orchestras ( I Fiamminghi, the Symphony Orchestra of Flanders, the Orchester des Champs Elysées, Opéra de Wallonie, Orchester Royal de Chambre de Wallonie ....).

Jeroen Billiet plays natural horn and also lesser known, historic horn types. He is active as a hornplayer at, among others, Il Fondamento, les Musiciens du Louvre, l'Orchester des Champs Elysées and Concerto Köln. He is also a horn and ensemble teacher at the municipal music academies in Oudenaarde and Tielt and the Municipal Conservatory in Bruges, where he develops extensive horn classes.

In June 2008 he won the title Laureate of the Orpheus Institute for his thesis 200 years of Belgian horn school, a comprehensive study of the horn in Belgium, 1789-1960. He enjoys international fame as an authority on the history and repertoire of the horn.

Courses: Research, Teaching methodology brass instruments (Music education)

Foto ©Marianne Rosenstiehl