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Beyond The Barricades

In this PhD project Mashid Mohadjerin looks for innovating ways to move from an objective, documentary approach to a subjective, stylized and evocative approach. Through the use of installations, backed by intensive literature, image study and emergence into her subject’s world she will explore ways to offer an alternative to global media images.

So far her work has been limited to classical portraits, photographs of politicized public spaces and objects used during major uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. This project will explore a more abstract depiction of the female body in the context of resistance in the contemporary Muslim world, blurring specific people and specific political issues.

Instead of formal portraits of specific activists, the work will be more of an interpretation of the female revolutionary figure and her surroundings. Weaving elements of her former research with new photographic, audio and video material into large installations. In addition a book will be produced that represents a story more complex and ambivalent. Geographically this much debated contemporary issue will expand into more relevant field sites in the region that have significance in the Middle East and North Africa’s modern-day conflicts and tensions.

Promoters: Johan Pas & Roschanack Shaery