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Electronics on stage is a research into the use of the Axoloti platform and the development of user-friendly tools and techniques for performers of electronic improvisation. It investigates the conditions and possibilities to translate electronic studio techniques to the stage in real time. With the discovery of a special microcontroller that only calculates audio and MIDI information called Axoloti, it is possible to replace the computer, which essentially does not meet the requirements to be a full extension of the instrument. The developed tools for electrical improvisation have to be transferred to the Axoloti platform.

The software for Axoloti is durable, since the cheap hardware has only one function and will therefore better stand the test of time. The software will be offered through the internet and the library.

Another part of the research project consists of documenting the artistic output with these techniques. For this purpose, the AAN group was set up. It organizes a studio recording session in addition to concerts. These high-quality studio recordings are further finished and bundled as documentation and prepared for further distribution.

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