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Imaging research

This project is a research into the mutual relations between theater, photography and documentary film and the relevance of art education, research in the arts and internationalization in a context of globalization, cultural identity and mobility. The starting point is a multidisciplinary approach (theater, documentary film and photography) in which the end result is a theatrical construction that balances between fiction and reality (like a picture as an enlargement of reality).

In the final presentation - packed as a research day in an auditorium - fictitious lectures are alternated with actual lectures and research reports and exhibitions are organized. A crucial part is a documentary film in which a number of students are followed during an exchange project, either from Antwerp to abroad or vice versa. This documentary film wants, like the (fictitious) lecture day, to explore the experience of reality.

Researchers: Bas Teeken, Peter Boelens, Bert Danckaert
Promoters and research team: Jean Paul Van Bendegem (VUB), Frank Focketyn (RCA), Liese Stuer (RCA), Johan Pas (KAA), Stefaan Van Brabandt (theater writer and actor)