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A study of movement in marimba playing

Inspired by Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi movements), this research investigates the history and Tai Chi philosophy, and its application to art and music practices. This process further develops the artistic identity of Chin Cheng Lin in composition for marimba and marimba performance.

Tai Chi philosophy has influences in the creative process of several Taiwanese artists, such as sculptor Ju Ming, choreographer Lin Hwai-Min, and music composer Pan Hwang-Long. Their works are discussed in details as a way to understand how Tai Chi can be integrated in arts.

In this research, Lin discusses how Tai Chi philosophy and movements are used as the key element for composing a new work for marimba and how Tai Chi Chuan can be incorporated in marimba playing.

Promotoren: Philippe Verbeeck (UA) & Alain Craens (KCA)