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Terra (in)firma

‘Terra (in)firma’ examines the changing relationship between people and nature driven by climate change in the Anthropocene era. The social, cultural and economic threads of society, which are intrinsically interwoven with the natural environment, are starting to unravel in many areas around the world. This newly (un)conscious - but forced - negotiated relationship between people and nature has resulted in a broad range of societal problems. Both arts and sciences play a critical role in studying and reflecting on climate change, as well as contributing to the public debate on the topic. While historically there has been a strong divide between sciences and arts, this relationship is being changed by artists and scientists reaching out to each other in the fight against climate change. The proposed project will aim to further bridge this divide, and present artistic work that has its foundation in the scientific world. Starting from a scientific perspective and gaze, the project will explore the human relationship and co-existence with the earth’s changing land, natural systems, and ecology, and appropriate and translate this relationship into artistic work. This project has as objective to identify a meaningful theoretical and artistic framework, as a preparatory phase for developing a PhD proposal, that will analyse, describe and interpret the changes in the human-nature relationship caused by climate change.