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Studium Generale

Studium Generale is an initiative of Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp in collaboration with deSingel and Opera Ballet Flanders

This years lecture series theme is 'Trust'.

Who would risk blind trust? Are you skeptical about new technology? Alternatively, gullible when believing a politician? Is every blossoming enterprise a front for corruption and are we sitting ducks for its connivances?

Yet, trust is our key to innovating society, to fresh inspiration, to unimagined art and advanced science. Who dares let trust in the door?

We put these questions to a sociologist and to the city's mediation officer, to the country's youngest imam and to two female Protestant ministers, to a physician, a philosopher, a performance artist, ...

After 7 much appreciated past cycles such as Boundaries, Passion and Conflict  Studium Generale - Leerstoel Kinsbergen chose Trust for its 2017-2018 lecture series.

Check our calendar for the next lecture.