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Antwerp Art Weekend

The Academy will be part of Antwerp Art Weekend again this year. You'll be able to see the following projects when you visit the Academy.

A changing show kept in motion by Hans Theys Robert Soroko, Leendert Van Accoleyen and Felix Rapp. With contributions by Guy Rombouts, Lin Gerritse, Renata Lamenza, Zile Ziemele, Adam Galach, Zino Moons and, from Vancouver, Riley Cotter, Amanda Crain, Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes, Francesca Percival, Emile Rubino, Dylan Townley-Smith and Graeme Wahn.

Performances by Robert Soroko on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May, at 13h and 15h at Wintertuin.
This exhibition will open on 22 May at 19h00, and will be open until 31 May.

Follow the evolution of this exhibition through this live stream.

Photography exhibition by Nick Geboers.

Daar waar de camera en het licht op gericht is
De Lange Zaal
Curated by Vaast Colson. During the course of Antwerp Art Weekend the tubelike exhibition space in the Royal Academy, the Lange Zaal, will function as a stage for a series of artistic statements. This sequence of gestures will run through the whole length of the space like a lit fuse. The visitor is invited to witness the progression of protagonists and their activity. The chain reaction will be documented using single-camera shooting, preferably in one shot. Signed, a red herring.

More info on Antwerp Art Weekend is available here.

Poster Antwerp Art Weekend at the Academy