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Experiments are More Refreshing than New Socks

De eerste editie van het festival van en door 'makers' presenteert onderzoekers in de hedendaagse performance scene. De crème de la crème van de kunstenaars verbonden aan onderzoeksgroep CREATIE. Dit festival is gratis en in het Engels!


10:00: welkom

10:10: Vitja Pauwels, Casper Van De Velde, Hendrik Lasure / Artificial Extensions of Acoustics in Music Practice 
They explore the additions, consequences and impact that electronics generate for acoustic instruments, with as a starting point the idea that the studio situation shifts more and more towards the stage, the live situation. For this festival each of the researchers performs a short solo in which they explore the possibilities of their self-developed electronic extensions (respectively for guitar, piano and drums).

10h45 Winnie Huang / The Beat and The Body 
Our bodies are instruments that can mold and shape space and time. To express emotions and deliver intention within constructed and limited time. Moving without dancing, music without pitch. With a nod towards Laban Movement Analysis, Noh theatre, Mauricio Kagel, Gerhard Stäbler and musical-gestural works, this 1 hour experience will be a brainstorm, collaborative compositional workshop leading into a moving musical-gestural creation, developed and performed during CREATIE-festival. 

12h: Liselotte Sels / EMRUZ | Iradj Sahbai

12.30 lunchpauze (Witte Foyer)

14u Umut Eldem / Synaesthesia and Sound-Colour Associations as An Interdisciplinary Metaphor

15u Marco Fusi / Animated notation and audio scores: exploring alternative communication systems and performance results. 

16u Hans Roels / Catch Air
Two performers use a large tube with microphones to catch the wind and local air currents on top of high buildings and other elevations. Ruben Orio and Hans Roels will demonstrate the instrument on the roof of deSingel. Next, Hans will elaborate on the design and detail how it was attuned to the site and the musicians' ensemble during a preparatory experimentation phase.

17u Daniela Fantechi and Schallfeld Ensemble / Schallfeld Ensemble presents “Sistema di prossimità”

18u Ine Vanoeveren / Tomorrow’s music in practice today: a practical guide towards deciphering contemporary music
book launch 

18u30 reception (in Witte Foyer)



Maandag 17.12.2018
10:00 - 18u30
Gele zaal, Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen (Desguinlei 25)
Gratis, inschrijven hoeft niet.

Deze dag is in het Engels