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Inclusive Arts

Inclusive Arts

The Inclusive Arts project strives for a hospitable and inclusive academy where no form of discrimination based on gender, age, language, background, sexuality, learning difficulties, physical and mental challenge(s).... is present.  

Inclusive Arts is actively working on:

  1. More knowledge about discrimination, diversity, inclusion, communication and feedback through workshops/artist talks/lectures.
  2. Stimulating dialogue about inclusion and diversity
  3. Extra Curriculum: additions to the existing curriculum (e.g. more attention to decolonization in theoretical courses).
  4. Books in the Academy Library about inclusive and diverse art education.
  5. A contact person in the Academy for violence, cross-border behavior, discrimination and/or psychological help (meldpuntgog@ap.be)

PODCASTS (only in Dutch for now)

Inclusive Arts is a podcast series with interviews about inclusion and inclusive art education.

Episode 1: How can you as a teacher strengthen the resilience of students? (listen here below)

Interview with Amal Schauss (clinical psychologist at Studio Stereo, a former teacher at the Educational Master of Visual Arts) // Podcast by Mieke Witkamp // Podcast design by Laetitia Geerts, Katinka VanderSande (Alumni Educational Master Visual Arts)

“Confront students with difficult moments, in small doses, in a constructive way” [Amal Schauss]

Additional tips from Amal:
Psychologist Elke van Hoof explains why it is more difficult to be happy today than it was 50 years ago. She partly offers a rebuttal to the statement: 'The youth of today is weaker'.
Elke Van Hoof also made a site for young people during the corona crisis to check and strengthen their resilience
- Want to know more about Amal? www.studiostereo.be

- Listen on Spotify!
- Listen on Anchor!

Episode 2: How can you create an inclusive environment for transgender people? (listen here below)

Interview with Selm Merel Wenselaers (writer, dramatist, curator) // Podcast by Mieke Witkamp // Podcast design by Laetitia Geerts, Katinka VanderSande (Alumni Educational Master Visual Arts)

“Besides 'm' and 'v', 'x' is not a third square. The x is a different kind of thinking. You don't go from a binary to a tertiary system, it's a continuum, a spectrum between masculinity and femininity, between two extremes, and you can slide within that" [Selm Merel Wenselaers]

Additional tips:
- Want to know more about Selm? https://selmwenselaers.be/ 
Selm made a 'zoom essay' for Studium Generale that provides more information and makes the subject more palpable
Sam Van Belle, alumni Educational Master Visual Arts, about (gender) inclusive language use in the learning environment 
- Transgender Info Point (TIP) for all questions about the transgender theme: https://transgenderinfo.be

- Luister HIER op Spotify!
- Luister HIER op Anchor!


The complete brochure with the 'Arts Inclusive' vision can be found HERE.

The Inclusion Collective

The Inclusion Collective consists of students from the Educational Master of Visual Arts. For their master project, they are conducting research into inclusion within art education and the art education sector, in collaboration with the project  'Inclusive Arts’, aimed at stimulating dialogue with students.

 Some examples of their projects:


‘Inclusief gerief’, a book with interviews about personal visions on a more inclusive art education realised by students of the Educational Master of visual arts, is available in Dutch in the Academy Library.


>> Questions? Remarks? Ideas? Please let us know: inclusive.arts@ap.be 
>> Follow us on instagram: Instagram.com/inclusive_royalacademyantwerp