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100 years of surrealism

This research is devoted to possible links between Creative Writing and the creation of contemporary artworks, seen from the surrealists' attempts to reveal and valorize the unconscious element of the creative process.

By studying the surrealist works themselves (painting, sculpture, literature, music, theater), I have compiled a corpus of surrealist situations and methods together with students from the Royal Academy of Antwerp and the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. Parallel to this, I have applied these methods with children from the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Deurle and BOSLABS in Antwerp to put together a surrealist toolbox that forms the basis for collaborations with artists.

I would like to repeat and deepen this over the next four years, using international contacts with writers, artists and translators I meet at conferences, colloquiums and residencies across Europe to test those insights and relate them to the creative writing process.

Output consists of 1) a corpus of surrealist situations and methods, 2) a surrealist toolbox, 3) a constellation of artistic achievements by and together with other artists, writers, translators, musicians, theater makers and students, 4) reflection and communication about this on the basis of publications and 5) a new literary work that applies those insights.

Promotors: Hans Theys (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp) & Bart Eeckhout (UAntwerp)