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Between 1972 and 1975 composer Brian Eno and guitarist Robert Fripp made two experimental studio albums, No Pussyfooting and Evening Star. In the various tracks Eno explores experimental tape-loop techniques in combination with Fripp's electric guitar. Except during five concerts in 1975, this material was never performed live and there are neither written instructions nor scores of these works. Nevertheless, the different tracks on these two albums can be considered as repertoire - for electric guitar and tape - in contemporary art music. Kobe Van Cauwenberg wants to investigate how he as a performer can reconstruct these works in a historically and artistically responsible way?

Through a specific case study, the project wants to investigate how a particular repertoire - which would otherwise only be destined for audio carriers - can be recovered for live performance (using current technologies), and how this can complement the repertoire of the electric guitar.

Promoter: Nico Couck

Links: live recording concert on Meakusma festival (10/09/2017, Eupen)
           recording concert on The Long Now (26/03/2017, Berlijn)

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