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Teaching staff

This postgraduate course is organized in cooperation with Musica, Impuls centre for Music. 

Loes Bruyninckx graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp in 2005. During her studies, but also afterwards in the professional field, she taught in various Flemish academies. The influence of music on young children and the sensitivity that comes with it soon caught her interest. She immersed herself in this environment by working as a music teacher in a kindergarten for several years. Since 2019 Loes works at Musica and coordinates all Babelut projects (for children aged 0-5 and their (grand) parents). She organizes workshops for the very young, refresher courses and lectures for child supervisors, DKO teachers and students. Every two years, together with other artistic partners, she develops an interactive musical experience course: Babelut Parcours.

Hans Van Regenmortel is an artistic coordinator at Musica, Impulse Centre for Music (Pelt, BE). He specialized in the musical development of children and youngsters. He has experience in diverse contexts as a musician, teacher, and curator. He has a broad interest in the scientific underpinnings of human musicality, involving evolution, anthropology, language acquisition and cognition. Furthermore, he published ‘Klanksporen. Breinvriendelijk musiceren’ (2010), the first book of its kind in Dutch, translating actual scientific insights on music in the broadest sense towards a creative educational approach based on reciprocal interaction. The book is part of the recommended literature in the field of music pedagogy in Flanders and The Netherlands. As a member of the board of EUnet MERYC (Music Education Researchers of Young Children) and in cooperation with Ghent University, he hosted the 8th international MERYC19 Conference. He became one of the most important advocates for creative music making as a core tool for musical development in Flanders.

Sarah Verhulst is a pianist and singer. She studied in Leuven and Rotterdam where she attained her laureate diploma, a diploma of higher education and a Masters degree. She specialized further in music in early childhood in Germany, the Netherlands and England. She followed training in Musikgarten, Dalcroze, Feldenkrais, Laban Movement and Child Space. In 2007 she completed studies in Music Learning Theory (Music from birth) at the university of Lisbon under the tutelage of Edwin Gordon and Helena Rodrigues. Since then she has immersed herself in this method and thereby created ‘Musical Dialogues’ with babies and toddlers. During her studies she developed a fascination with making music with very young children. This resulted in the development of; a piano method for infants and toddlers, innumerable workshops, music theaters and concerts for the very youngest. In 2005 she began to work for Musica as artistic coordinator and initiated the Babelutproject, ‘art for the very youngest’ in collaboration with Theater De Spiegel. As well as coordinating the organization of a biannual festival for babies and toddlers, she became a pioneer in connecting artists with the mentors involved with babies and young children. She developed different actions for mentors in the work field and young parents to get involved with and be inspired by music and to convince them of its importance.

Sarah has 35 years of experience in working with young children. She develops new concepts, concerts and workshops for this target group. She regularly attends national and international congresses as a guest speaker and is guest lecturer in different colleges. She trains and teaches young musicians, in nursery and primary school education. Sarah also leads music sessions with parents and their children.


They will be joined by guest lecturers.