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Fine Arts - In Situ

Art does not always function in an artistic environment. Outside the studio, gallery or museum, ecological, economic, social or architectural contexts have a major impact on a work of art.

In Situ³ is therefore a multifaceted and multidisciplinary discipline. It is based on two principles: a specific situation demarcated in time and space, and an individual artistic approach. Students investigate the historical, social an aesthetic contexts of concrete locations with a focus on an artistic integration, installation or intervention. They learn to react flexibly to the given circumstances by freely experimenting with various materials and techniques.

Our programme makes connections by understanding the environment, its relation to the artwork and the position of the artist. In Situ³ emphasizes the play and dialogue between these elements and encourages adventurous research. With trial-and-error the student develops insights and skills. Doubts and uncertainties are shared, as well as inspiration and conviction. This leads to sometimes unpredictable but always personal experiments and results.

The academic year always starts with a workshop abroad. Exploring interventions in public spaces, visiting exhibitions and participating in cultural events undeniably expands one's view of other social, cultural and artistic contexts.

Whether the given situation is urban or rural, organic or architectural, concrete or fictional, an In Situ³ student is always challenged to carry out in-depth substantive, formal and technical research. The perception and analysis of the environment steers the research in a certain direction and leads to the development of the artistic individual. Theoretical frameworks include research methods, art history, art theory and specific subjects.

Parallel to the relatively demarcated assignments, we strive for the development of the personal, freely conceived work. In Situ³, therefore, is an education that offers individual support in the formation of a personal artistic vision, with an eye for the collective. This can result in various positions and collaborations in the artistic and social field.

Cover image: Elle Verstraeten - Art on Campus 2021