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(work) life after graduation

We will always welcome our alumni with open arms and guide them, as best we can during their mission to conquer a place in the artistic world. On this page, you can find more information about interesting job openings and internships, competitions, and contact points and platforms for all the questions you might have as a first-time artist. New and temporary calls to action can be found under NEWS below. Good luck!

Do you have any other questions or remarks? Les us know via alumni.academy@ap.be or call the number +32 (0)3 213 71 07.


Call for sculpture and in situ3 alumni

Berlin Creative Studio, a communication agency in Antwerp (berlincreativestudio.com), is active in multiple areas: brand activation, product design & development, digital strategy, marketing consultancy… Besides that we are also selflessly committed to, among other things, the ALS Liga.

For this we are looking for an artist who can help us with the development of a memorial - Hope Memorial.

At the Vaartkom in Leuven, home base of the ALS Liga and birthplace of the ASL-research, we will place memorial that: 

  1. commemorates the passed away ALS patients of our country
  2. calls to support the research the KU Leuven is undertaking in order to give hope to the patients who are still alive

It will be a memorial that simultaneously activates, symbolizing the urgency and hope of slowing down or even stopping ALS.

At the inauguration of the artwork, the artist chisels/engraves/paints/… live names of recently diagnosed ALS patients in/at the memorial, highlighting the urgency and need for further research. ALS patients who have died very recently will be given a date of deah after their name. Because unfortunately people will still die, it will be a work in progress. The name of each patient who dies will be added in/on the monument.

We are looking for graduated students and/or year-end students who want to participate in this. Are you interested? Please feel free to contact Sandra Schoukens at sandra.schoukens@berlincreativestudio.com.

Call for all alumni

In order to make a living from the arts, you need to bring together content & context. During your studies, you have been focusing very hard on developing the appropriate content, your creative practice. Once graduated, you learn to understand how to operate in a professional context, and how this brings along a different set of skills and attitudes. With this survey, we try to get a sense of how well you feel you have been prepared to act in a professional and entrepreneurial way. The outcome will give us a firm understanding on how to better prepare oneself to making a living from the arts while still being an art student. Thank you for your collaboration. 

Did you graduate from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp between 2017 and 2022? Then you can help us by completing this enquête!

Thank you very much!