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Master in Dance

Are you an artist and have you worked in the field of dance? Is embodied practice essential in your work? Do you wish to devote time to a set of concers and questions to deepen your artistic practice? Do you wish to gain new inputs, tools, and insights to expand your perspectives? The Master in Dance offers you the opportunity to carry out practice-oriented research, based on and guided by embodied artistic practices. 

Master in Dance

The Master in Dance is a unique and fresh collaboration between the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and DE SINGEL International Arts Centre. The two-year part-time programme of 60 ECTS-credits is designed to deepen dance artists’ individual artistic trajectories. The educational pathway is simultaneously a residency at DE SINGEL.

The concept of 'Embodied Artistic Research' is the starting point of the Master in Dance. Performance and dance practices consist mostly of embodied practices – practices that work in, though and out of the moving body. The mission of the Master of Dance is to deepen perspectives on dance practices. Through a comprehensive approach, this master in Dance aims to thoroughly reconfigure what it means to be a dance artist today. You are invited to critically reflect upon your artistic practice and questions such as:


Individual residency time, where you are supported by artistic advisers is alternated with collective and intensive workshops to broaden your knowledge around dance, choreography, dramaturgy, sound, curation, scenography, light design, fashion, documenting/archiving dance, writing and publishing.

Collaboration with DE SINGEL  

The collaboration with an artistic educational programme and an international arts platform was introduced as the Master in Dance. Together, they secure the connection with the professional artistic field and stand as a precious contact for the students. The collaboration offers you the opportunity to have residency time and budget for your final project and present your final work as part of DE SINGEL’s programming. 

Partnerships with other arts and educational institutions such as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the University of Antwerp, and Curatorial Studies (KASK), among others, embed the programme in a wider network.

Educational Master in Music & Performing Arts - specialisation Dance 

If you would like to develop your teaching practice alongside your artistic practice, you can follow the educational Master in Music & Performing Arts, specialisation Dance. The full-time programme consists of 120 ECTS-credits and combines the programme of the Master in Dance Residency (60 ECTS-credits) with the programme of the educational Master in Dance (60 ECTS-credits). You will be trained to become a Teaching Artist, whereby your embodied artistic research as an artist and as a teacher are combined. You will develop pedagogical and didactic skills to share your practice with different participants. For the educational Master in Music & Performing Arts a Dutch language proficiency level B2 is mandatory.

It is possible, in consultation with the artistic coordinators of the educational programme, to put together an individual trajectory in order to spread the programme over time.

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