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Master in Dance

The Master in Dance Residency is a unique and fresh collaboration between the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and DE SINGEL International Arts Centre.


Residency ‘Embodied Artistic Research’

The Master in Dance Residency is a unique and fresh collaboration between the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and DE SINGEL International Arts Centre.
It is a two-year programme designed to deepen dance artists’ individual artistic trajectories. It offers dance artists the opportunity to undertake practice-centred research, which is based on and led by the embodied artistic practices each participant brings in.

The concept of 'embodied artistic research' is the starting point of the Master in Dance. Performance and dance practices consist, not only but largely, of embodied practices – practices that work in, through and out of the moving body.  How to embody knowledge? Which knowledge to embody?  When is such an embodiment artistic practice? How can we formulate strategies, frames and methods to deepen this practice? And at what point during this process can we talk of research? What does artistic research entail, when it is carried out through forms of embodiment? Which translations and other media than the body come into play when rendering artistic practice research?
Individual residency time, where you are supported by artistic advisers is alternated with collective and intensive workshops to broaden your knowledge around dance, choreography, dramaturgy, sound, curation, scenography, light design, fashion, documenting/archiving dance, writing and publishing.

This two-year trajectory is at the same time a residency at arts centre deSingel. The final master projects have the possibility to be presented at the Radiant Nights platform of deSingel. Radiant Nights happen four times throughout the season and focus on beginning or less-established artists.

Through a comprehensive approach, this master in dance aims to thoroughly reconfigure what it means to be a dance artist today.

Student Profile

You are an artist, and you have worked in the field of dance (choreographer, performer, teacher, among others).
You wish to devote time to a set of concerns and questions in order to deepen your artistic practice. You wish to develop these questions, gain new inputs, tools and insights in order to expand your perspectives.
In your trajectory ‘embodied practice’ is essential. Any style or genre is welcome.
You hold a bachelor degree in the Arts. Please check the diploma and language requirements for further information.


The Flemish region wants to support international talent that wants to come to Flanders for a Master degree. For this they developed the Master Mind scholarship. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is very early in March so please check this in time: and contact

Bridging programme and preparatory programme

Bridging programme

Students who hold a professional bachelor’s degree  and passed the audition for the master's programme have to follow a bridging programme first. A bridging programme aims to equip students with academic skills. As a general rule, a bridging programme consists of 45 to 90 credits, in the Royal Conservatoire the bridging programme consists of 45 credits, but this study load can be reduced depending on the student’s prior education. A student can follow the bridging programme and the master's programme at the same time. Students who successfully complete the bridging programme are awarded a certificate.

Preparatory programme

A standard preparatory programme 45 credits is imposed on all students that hold a bachelor’s or a master’s degree and passed the audition. This preparatory programme prepares students and offers competencies which are considered necessary to successfully complete or the specific study programme of the Master’s in Dance. which are considered necessary to successfully complete a master’s degree in Dance,
Students who can demonstrate through programme comparison that similar credits have been previously acquired can apply for exemptions. 
Students who successfully complete the preparatory programme are awarded a certificate.

See the bridging and preparatory programme here.

Practical information

After admission to the master's, you consult the learning content of the course units of the bridging or preparatory programme. If you think you may be eligible for exemptions based on credits acquired elsewhere, you can apply for exemptions via the Exemption Application Module (VA).

The classes of the bridging or preparatory programme start in September. The lessons are organized so that they can be combined with the lessons of the master programme. We recommend combining the bridging or preparatory programme with the first year of the master's programme (modules 1, 2 and 3).

Optional integrated education: 
Educational Master in Music & Performing Arts - specialization Dance 

Since 2019, KCA also organizes the Educational Master in Music & Performing Arts -specialization Dance. In this programme, you will be trained to become a Teaching Artist, whereby the embodied artistic research as an artist and as a teacher are integrated. You will learn how to share your passion with a wide audience and how to work educationally with very specific groups. 

Students will combine the Master's programme in Dance, with subjects such as teaching methodologies, internships and project work. The programme concludes with a Master Final Project that addresses both aspects of discipline and education. Students choose either a 120 credit two-year full-time programme or the Master in Dance for 60 credits followed by 60 credits of the Educational Master in Music and in the performing arts - specialization dance. We advise an individual trajectory depending on the applicant’s professional and educational background. 

The Educational master in Dance is only accessible for students with a sufficient Dutch language proficiency level. More information can be found on the Dutch pages of our website