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Fine Arts - Painting

The Painting trajectory (of the specialization Fine Arts) moves between technical painting skills and personal artistic expression. With great attention for the rich tradition of painting, we invite you to develop your own visual language. You are guided by a team of professional and experienced artists.

The painting studio is where this process takes place. Our spacious studios, with a lot of northern sunlight, are excellent for visual research. We also explore the world outside of the Academy, for our unique landscape workshops, in which we paint together outdoors and learn from eachother's observation and working process.

In the first and second bachelor year, the studio painting is mostly based on observation. This skill is further developed through observational drawing and exercises with classic genres like still life, model, portrait and landscape.

This programme offers many links with the work of master painters, both old and contemporary. There is great attention for providing an inspiring environment from which (or against which) you can discover and develop your own style.

We also focus on the social and cultural context in which art is created and shown. You will learn how to filter the flood of visual imagery we encounter on a daily basis, and to transform it to relevant images, in the form of a painting. It is therefore very important to inform yourself well, and to document your working process.

In the third year the focus is visual research, with personal guidance. After completing your master year, you will be capable of creating an artistic project that is original, and professional. This way you can opt to be an independent visual artist, or you can start collaborating with others moving in the cultural landscape.