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Teaching Qualification Visual Arts
Teaching Qualification Visual Arts

Please note that the Teaching Qualification programme is only available in Dutch. Please visit the Dutch version of this page for more info on the conditions.

  • Residence card

    Required for ALL foreign students

    All foreign students that reside in Belgium during their studies will need a valid Belgian residence card for the duration of the academic year.

    Once you are in Antwerp, you will have to register officially for the Belgian government. Please contact Faby Van Grimberge ( +32 3 213 71 07) as soon as possible to start the procedure.

    In this document you can find the details about the documents and information you need to provide.

    If you commute from your country every day and don't have a residence in Belgium, a statement saying you will commute every day is sufficient.

    Required for non-EU students only

    Before the entrance exam: Short term visa
    You apply for the bachelor artistic entrance examination or you apply for the master application procedure. You will receive a confirmation form via e-mail. You take this confirmation form to the Belgian Embassy in your country to apply for your short term visa (tourist visa).

    After the entrance exam: Long term visa
    The student administration can deliver on demand an official letter which confirms that you have passed the artistic entrance examination. You can take this official letter, to the Belgian Embassy in your country to apply for your long term student Visa. If this document is not sufficient for the embassy in your country, you can receive an official document of full enrolment only after payment of your tuition fee.

Additional information

  • Tuition fees

    The latest tuition fees can be found here as soon as they are known. You'll find a complete summary at the bottom of this document (Dutch).

    Once your programme has been confirmed, please transfer the required amount as soon as possible to the bank account below.

    Adress bank: Warandeberg 3 – 1000 Brussel
    Account number: 001-6157131-35
    IBAN : BE57 0016 1571 3135
    Mention: Name and first name of the student + chosen study field 

    Tuition fees 2018-2019
    For students from the European Higher Education Area (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus,
    Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,
    Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands,
    Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Czech
    Republic, United Kingdom, Sweden) for a diploma or credit contract:

    €238,3 fixed + €11,4 per credit

    For students from other countries:

    €748 fixed + €102,2 per credit

    Course related fees 2018-2019
    All bachelor and master students Visual Arts, who enrolled with a diploma- and/or credit contract, pay a course related fee according to the following principle:
    26 credits or less: €35
    27 credits or more: €180

    Fashion and Graphic Design students pay a deposit of €25 for the badge that grants them access to their campus.
    Fashion students pay €200 for participation in the fashion show in June.

  • Financial support

    If you encounter financial problems to pay your studies and want to apply for a scholarship or study loan you can contact the social services of AP.

    You need to make an appointment via the reception of Stuvo (T +32 3 220 59 00). Do this as soon as possible after registration and don't wait until the deadline for payment of your tuition fees. Someone from the social services is also present on the art campus on specific days. Ask the student administration office for more information or check on Digitap.

    If you meet all the requirements, you receive a scholarship. In that case, you are also eligible for a reduction of the tuition fee. However, if you are temporarily staying in Belgium because of your studies, the nationality conditions will be an obstacle and you will not be eligible to request a scholarship from the Flemish Community. If you do not meet the requirements, you will have to fund your studies yourself and (if possible) apply for financial assistance and/or study aid in your home country.

    More information can be found on: