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Cocoonery of Pandora

The 'Cocoonery of Pandora', a site-specific and long-term intervention by artist Wim Wauman, is aiming at the transformation of a part of the Academy’s library into a ‘hotspot and consultation platform’ on artistic research. In collaboration with librarian Ine Boogmans and the Academy’s research units it is dedicated to a curated selection of publications, key-works, inspirational paraphernalia and “Track report”-publications.

This project was commissioned by Body and Material Reinvented and solemnly inaugurated on 27 September 2021. All research groups of the Academy were invited to participate and join with their own publications, references and artworks, and did so. Accessible during the Academy Library opening hours only and strongly recommended.


- Download the artist statement by Wim Wauman here

- Download the basic bibliography of Body and Material Reinvented here