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SHOW + EXPO 2024

SHOW + EXPO 2024
31 MAY + 1 JUNE

We are prepping for the biggest fashion happening of the year! On Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June 2024, our Fashion Department will be in the spotlight with its end-of-year défilé. Visitors and professionals from home and abroad gather at the Waagnatie for the SHOW of Antwerp's fashion students. Fashion lovers can also pass by the Academy on Saturday 1 June to admire the fashion masters' designs up close during their EXPO.

More than 120 ambitious young fashion makers, from across the world, will bring their designs to life and display their pieces on the SHOW catwalk. From the famous skirts of the first-year students, over the widely trumpeted historical costumes and world costumes to the final Masterpieces: the Antwerp Fashion Department resolutely chooses each time to give all students a platform during their unique and festive end-of-year presentation.

At the EXPO, 18 masters students will present their collections in a monumental jury installation open to the public. These installations can only be admired on Saturday 1 June on a first come first served principle. A unique opportunity to admire the designs up close before seeing them flash by on the catwalk!
--> More info about the master collections HERE.

Artistic director Brandon Wen: “It’s a new mood this year. Something curious and something hungry. The students want more, the teachers want more, you can feel it. There is a lot of detailed passionate work to be seen, bold silhouettes and emphatic design. The SHOW will be dynamic and you will be fed. See you there!”

Following last year's example, this year too we would like to put some alumni in the spotlight during the 'offSHOW 2024'. Alise Anna Dzirniece, Florentina Leitner, RE Antwerp (led by Tim Van Steenbergen) and NONSTOP WORLDWIDE (by Yentsé) will show their installations at the Office Baroque Gallery from Friday to Sunday.

Ticket sales goes fast, so be quick to get your spot!
Tickets →


45€      seating [cat 1]
35€      seating [cat 2]
15€      standing

VIP → more info via this link 


SHOW 2024 → 31 MAY + 1 JUNE

Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150, Antwerp

17:00    → VIP
18:00    → Opening SHOW site → BAR + FOOD
19:30    → SHOW 2024 – 1+2Ba
20:30    → break 1
21:15    → SHOW 2024 – 3Ba
22:00    → break 2
22:45    → SHOW 2024 – Masters

EXPO 2024 → 1 JUNE → free entrance

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp

11:00-16:00 → visit EXPO (last entrance at 15:30)

offSHOW 2024 → 31 MAY until 2 JUNE → free entrance
→ curated by Brandon Wen
→ in collab with Flanders DC and the city of Antwerp

Office Baroque Gallery, Everdijstraat 30, 2000 Antwerpen

31 May → 12:00-18:00
1 June  → 12:00-18:00
2 June  → 12:00-16:00