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Four new doctorandi

In September 2018, four new doctoral students will start at the Schools of Arts, in collaboration with ARIA (Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts). The reading committee of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp awarded a mandate to Winnie Huang, Bob Selderslaghs and Sarah Vanhee. Vivi Touloumidi will start a doctorate at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Violinist Winnie Huang has been researching the development of performance art and gestures in music for quite some time and will start the project 'Sonic Silhouettes, Musical Movement. Investigating the role of the performer in musical gestural pieces' in September. Bob Selderslaghs is besides an actor also the coordinator of the specific teacher training drama at the Royal Conservatoire. With 'MoE 2.0 - Mantle of the Expert: from imaginative research to artistic product in art education' he dives deeper into the artistic-pedagogical approach to the learning process of young children. The work of Sarah Vanhee is at the crossroad between performance, visual arts and literature, an approach she continues in her research 'Bodies Of Knowledge - the public space as a forum for the exchange of repressed or underexposed knowledge'.

Vivi Touloumidi is a jewelery designer and she will work on her research 'The Craft of Friction' in close collaboration with the Jewelery Design and Silversmithing atelier.

Umut Eldem, Thomas Moore, Nadaf Katan and Andrew Claes were not given a mandate but were admitted to a doctorate in the Arts.