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Live electronics: new major within Master Music

Starting next academic year (2021-2022) music students commencing their masters, will have an additional major to choose from, Live Electronics. 

The course focuses on live electronic performance. Master students will learn about the elementary hardware as well as the leading computer programmes to help them create and perform. The compository aspects and the aspect of building digital musical instruments will also be discussed. 

This course is not set in stone. We will adjust the lesson plan based on the individual needs of every student participating, thus creating a personal trajectory for each of them. In this regard, students will also have the opportunity to ask for a specific member of staff to be their principal study teacher.

The course leader for the newly shaped Live Electronics will be Andrew Claes, who teaches electronical improvisation at the Jazz department. 

This course will be embedded within the Jazz deparmtent. The admission tests for Live Electronics are planned May 25, 2021. Please click here to read about to tests and the requirements for entering.