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New Track Report publications


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Berit Schneidereit - walks, conversations
Berit Schneidereit’s practice-oriented research project explored the fragment as a distinctive aspect of photography. Based on this work, the publication extends the investigation to the realm of the book. It engages in a dialogue between various types of spaces and their contents, while tracing a continuous fine line from page to page. This publication primarily focuses on the artistic methodology rather than attempting to reproduce the full array of works developed and exhibited during this period. 

Katleen Van Langendonck - The Art of Performance
What happens when artists play with the codes of the visual and performing arts? Which negotations take place when you leave your own medium to explore another? As it turns out, those who are considered innovative on the one hand, are often labeled amateur on the other. In twenty-five conversations with leading artists, curators, dramaturgs and production workers,
Katleen Van Langendonck explores which choices are made when creating a contemporary performance, taking into account all layers of the creative process. 

Eline De Clercq - The Sympoiesis Garden
In September 2022, Eline De Clercq started a community garden for and by students and artists at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. ‘The Sympoiesis Garden’ is a three-year artistic research project on art and ecology and functions as a non-formal learning environment about climate change, gender norms, decolonisation and intersectionalism.
The publication is conceived as a map of the garden, with patches of words and a path for the reader to follow.

Anton Cotteleer - An Out-of-Focus Scan, part 2
The phantom statute of the unsharp, its relationship to our memories, its intimate character and openness for interpretation is what attracts Cotteleer in the blurry. After investigating the meaning of the blurry and the sharp within photography, he looked as a sculptor how the sharp and unsharp relate to sculpture. In this he developed a well-founded personal vision about 'the blurry' or the unsharp.
This publication is part of the PhD research ‘Blurry Scanning’, conducted by Anton Cotteleer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and at ARIA.

Ersi Varveri & Gijs Waterschoot - I write what you write, I walk where you walk
This book follows a project developed on the rocks and slabs of Syros between 2020 to 2022: During their walks around the island, Ersi Varveri & Gijs Waterschoot noticed engravings dating back to the 19th century on the stones and rocks of Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros and the Cyclades. Inspired by that they placed 26 new inscriptions with the idea of creating a “permanent” exhibition that enters into dialogue with history as well as with the landscape. This book is a guide to discover these traces.

Mother of Light Serving at the Gas Station
This travelling exhibition and Track Report publication is the outcome of 'It Doesn't Work', a research project initiated by Ines Cox, in collaboration with the second year students of the Graphic Design department of the Academy. Printed on a puzzle of nine posters that can easily travel and take place at two hundred different locations.
(not for sale)

Eric Thielemans - On Resonance I & II
Two books wrapped as one, with scores, notes and conversations, by Eric Thielemans and friends, exploring daily magic and resonance in their practices. 
Part of the research project 'Techniques of Resonance', conducted at the Academy and the Conservatoire.

Vijai Maia Patchineelam - The Artist Job Description
The artist’s experience of being inside art institutions, will in several ways inform the development of an artist’s practice. This publication has been an attempt at recognizing and dealing with, rather than avoiding, the tensions that exist in the relationship between artists and art institutions at a time when most art institutions themselves are under the pressure of austerity-politics.
Stefan Vanthuyne - Moving Through the Space of the Picture and the Page 
‘Moving through the Space of the Picture and the Page’ brings together essays on six contemporary Belgian photobook makers and the way they deal with space, time, movement and surface within the book and within the photographic image. The artists discussed are Tine Guns, Dirk Braeckman, Els Martens, Max Pinckers, Viincent Delbrouck and Aglaia Konrad. 
Els Dietvorst - Coastal Shrine
This publication is part of the PhD research' Partisans of the Real', conducted by Els Dietvorst at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts) & the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA - University of Antwerp). ‘Coastal Shrine’ is published in parallel with the exhibition This is what you came for in CENTRALE for Contemporary Art and Bozar Brussels.
Vivi Touloumidi - Pharmakos. Adornment as a social tool
This publication is part of the PhD research 'Pharmakos' conducted at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, the University of Antwerp & ARIA (Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts). Touloumidi investigates adornment as an active agent to address social discomfort, repression, and marginalization in the public realm. Her project appropriates and subverts signs of stigmatization employed during WWII, and through in-depth research, it proposes anew statement pieces that speak of resilience, emancipation, and self-determination of the social body.
Elasticity at Home! Texts & images 1976-2019. Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (AMVK)
This publication, designed by master student graphic design Maxim Preaux, bundles 96 notes by AMVK on making art and being an artist, written between 1976 and 2019, interspersed with some fifty drawings and collages from the same period.
Published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Alexis Gautier. L’Heure de la Soupe' at M Leuven (2021) and at CIAP (2022).

More recent publications

__ 'EU' by Vincent Van Meenen
__ 'NOT A MANUAL. Extra Academy 2011-2020' by Nico Dockx & Steve Van den Bosch (eds.)
__ 'An Out-of-Focus Scan, part 1' by Anton Cotteleer
__ 'Off Camera' by Steven Humblet (ed.)
__ 'Archivoltage', by Thomas Crombez & Nico Dockx (eds.)
__ 'Freedom is not Free' by Mashid Mohadjerin
__ 'shelf documents: art library as practice' by Heide Hinrichs

TRACK REPORT reports on the research in / for / about art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. 

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