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VISI.ON.AIR. Live: performance
by researchers of MAXlab and CREATIE

Transformed into a cozy chill cave, the Winter Garden indulges you to break all ties and bond with what really matters… your mind disconnects, your senses take over, resistance is futile…
We will show you the door and urge you to walk through it.

Maxlab and CREATIE take you on an immersive meditation session into the “Desert of the Real”. We plug you in so you can liberate yourself and connect, relax and charge the batteries. Empty your mind and let it all go! ‘VAXX.ON.AIR’ is your visual vaccination, from your brain straight into the depths of the rabbit hole.

Connecting you to the hive:
Janna Beck (visual design), Yanis Berrewaerts (landscapes), Tom Dietvorst (ICT support), Umut Eldem (synthesizer, electronics), Wim Henderickx (percussion, electronics), Philip Meersman (text, voice/effects & brainwave concept), Thomas Moore (trombone, electronics), Kristof Timmerman (scenography, brainwave concept & jumper cable), Ine Vanoeveren (flutes, electronics & brainwave concept)

‘VAXX.ON.AIR’ is powered by research groups MAXlab (Academy) and CREATIE (Conservatoire).


(photo by Wannes Cré)