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Soup Session: Ine Vanoeveren and Kristof Overdulve

Soup Session by Ine Vanoeveren and Kristof Overdulve
invited by research group MAXlab

Tuesday 22 November, 12:30-14:00
Research Room, Academy

Extensive use of digital technology in an art practice often requires complex skills. When an artist does not possess these skills themselves, a specialist - often a non-artist - is called in. Equal multidisciplinary co-creation within the digital arts includes both artistic and technical profiles, as well as technological tools, protocols and methodologies. In order to facilitate this form of co-creation - and in this way analyse the emerging ecosystems within multidisciplinary co-creation in the digital arts - MAXlab, in collaboration with research group CREATIE, has set up a research project in which collaborations arise between researchers in the arts and in technology. Dr Ine Vanoeveren and Kristof Overdulve come to explain how such collaborations take place.

Ine Vanoeveren
Belgian flutist and Doctor of Musical Arts, Ine Vanoeveren, is specialized in contemporary music and XR-performance. She performed at numerous contemporary music festivals worldwide and won several international awards and prizes. In addition to performing, Ine is an assistant professor in contemporary music at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, a senior artistic researcher in XR-performances at PXL-MAD (PXL Hasselt) and MAXlab (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp) and a researcher in Creative AI-applications for realtime performance at Sint-Lucas Antwerp. She is also the coordinator of the postgraduate eArts at PXL-MAD.
She is part of the digital arts collective studio.POC, where she focuses on hybrid digital performances in virtual surroundings.

Kristof Overdulve
Kristof Overdulve does academic research on the intersection between Computer Graphics and Computer Vision to build immersive visual experiences.