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Bence Rohánszky

Bence Rohánszky (°1983) has been attentively following tendencies in urban art for many years. In 2006 he started his own publishing house for booklets, artist books and zines focussing on urban subcultures. He frequently presents these publications at international book and zine fairs.

Rohánszky is an Intermedia artist with a broad artistic practice in which research plays an important role. Criticism and radical thinking are the driving principal in his art. Although his works can take different forms – as the focus is not limited to a certain concept or medium – they are connected by Rohánszky's unique interpretative approach and his rebellious attitude.

His activities as an artist-researcher focus on graffiti, street art and other forms of art in the urban environment. However, the academic context of his previous research projects is that of art history and visual culture. Rohánszky's studies build on the fusion of different models of artistic research.