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Claire Croizé

For Claire Croizé, the body is a sensitive instrument, resonating with the dancer’s complex emotional life. Claire graduated from P.A..R .T.S. in 2000 and, after working as an artist in residence at WP Zimmer, founded the company Action Scénique in 2008 together with Nada Gambier and Etienne Guilloteau. In 2016, Claire and Etienne continue their close collaboration together under a new name, ECCE. Music, especially live music, plays a prominent role in their work. The philosophy of ECCE is about movement and physicality; their aim is to show the dancer as a concrete physical individual. From 2017 onwards, they are house artists of Concertgebouw Brugge. Some of Claire’s previous productions include Affected (2006), The Farewell (2009, Prix Jardin d’Europe), Primitive (2014) and EVOL (2016) selected by the Theaterfestival. - photo David Bergé
Function: Artistic practice – workshop