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Lucas Vandervost

Lucas Vandervost is an actor, director and teacher. He graduated in 1979 as an actor at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Vandervost and Bogaerts formed together with Luk Perceval, Warre Borgmans and Johan Van Assche The Company De Witte Kraai, which later became De Tijd. The group introduced the term ‘speaking while thinking', in response to the ‘walking around while screamng' in the city theaters.

In 1982 he started teaching in the Drama program of the conservatory, where he currently teaches Language Sensitivity in the Drama and Word courses. As a member of the Artistic Word Art Council, he recently started the section Podium.
In 2017-2018

Lucas Vandervost can be seen in Forgive us, a new production by Guy Cassiers. He received the Thalia and Thersites Prize and the Océ Podium Prize for his work. Several of his productions were nominated for the Theater Festival.