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The Artist Job Description

Conventionally the artist comes to an art institution in a temporary role, for an exhibition, a residency, a commission. At times she or he can also be employed as a technician, monitor or less frequently as a curator or a board member. Foregrounding the role of the artist as a laborer, this project intends to develop a research driven artistic practice capable to experiment with, and advocate for an artist to become a constitutive part of the inner workings of an art institution.

The project will evolve around a triangle between different contexts within three countries: Brazil, Belgium, and India. These contexts have been selected in order to obtain a multi-sited set of insights into the relationship between the art institutions and the employment of artists at a transnational level. Vijai Maia Patchineelam conducts fieldwork in each selected setting entering the institutions through the regular scheme of artist in residence. Using filmmaking, he consistently documents the daily routines that characterize the presence of the artist within the selected institution.

Promoters: Paolo S. H. Favero (UA) & Nico Dockx (KAA)