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Exe-xe-xercising feedback loops

‘Exe-xe-xercising feedback loops’ is an artistic research that focuses on the exercise as an artistic working form to (learn to) know. In the exercise, a specific form of attention emerges that challenges unknowns both individually and collectively. In it, the exerciser tests individual intentions, desires and impulses. In this sense, a vibrational field is created in the exercise, in which an embodied, sensory experience comes into direct relationship with an abstract knowing. 

By going through a process in the exercise, namely, the individual sensorial handling of objects and environments, an experience has been given shape, and thus meaning is co- created. Thus experiencing is in this research understood in two ways: it is both experiencing and shaping an experience. The research looks for vibrational fields where there is resistance, faltering, unknowns, frustration and distortion. How can these resistances begin to mark, imprint, and thus begin to express themselves? 

Repetition and repetition are central here. It is precisely through the systematic repeated deployment of the same abstractions that one can arrive at various articulations of "the same thing". Consequently, we can arrive at a vibrational understanding of knowledge, namely an embodied language that teaches us to be open to change and alterity.