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Forgotten Flemish repertoire

Both the study of the Flemish post-war theater history and the study of Flemish drama literature are currently showing major gaps. One of the main reasons for this is the powerful theater renewal that took place in the Flemish theater from 1980 onwards. This renewal has completely blurred the view on the period 1945-1980. Three decades after the renewal it is possible and necessary to re-evaluate the period 1945-1980 and no longer regard the renewal as an absolute break.

The emphasis in this research is on the one hand on the continuity between the period 1945-1980 and 1980-now and on the other hand on the search for stage texts from the period 1945-1980 that still have current playability.

How can students and young professional theater makers be brought into contact again with the forgotten Flemish repertoire 1945-1980? How can a post-war history of Flemish drama literature be written that links the period after 1980 more organically with the period 1945-1980 than is currently the case? Which texts from the period 1945-1980 are anthology-worthy with the intention not only to give them a place in history, but also to present them as a potential repertoire?

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