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Formation need Visual Arts

This project is a qualitative, exploratory study into how the Specific Teacher Training in Visual Arts can optimally fulfill its role of expertise center for the benefit of all actors involved (educational field, art education sector, alumni ...).

Professionalization of teachers in the visual arts and employees in the arts education sector is the central theme. This start project aims in the first place to investigate the specific needs of the respective target groups (field of work) and how the SLO BK can best meet these needs. A thorough analysis of interviews with management, mentors, art educators and alumni must provide insight into this.

Furthermore, it will be investigated to what extent any partners (Elant, C.N.O ...) can contribute to the development of the SLO BK as expertise center. What are the different actor groups within the BK work field? What needs and requirements in the field of education and coaching within the BK are there in the various asset groups? How can a center of expertise be best shaped to meet these needs?