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Read read read

The project Read read read (as a form of show rather than tell) conducts artistic research into the reproduced image within the Graphic Design study area in a practice-critical and reflective way. It focuses on the performative scenography provided by the reading of a book.

As a starting point, the project assumes in the initial phase, undifferentiated, that there is nothing literal about reproduction in graphic design. That with multiple copying of an original image no literal copies, but a multiple of autonomous images is obtained.

The research project therefore meets historical questions and supplements them from the perspective of a potential evolution within the study area. How original is the copy and reprographic creation in graphic design? Can we authorize the singular of the plural image through graphic design, through an objectification of reading? Which kind of authorship delivers that? And do we find a book for tomorrow in this way?

At the same time, the project underlines the importance of the demand for a privatized position for a field of study struggling with a history of formalization, and hopes to play a leading role in this, while loudly raising the provocative question whether graphic designers can only answer the questions that they are asked.

Promotor: Leen De Bolle