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Revising and Connecting Body and Material Reinvented

At the end of December 2019, the researchers who found accommodation with their individual project in the research group Body and Material Reinvented expressed the need to get to know each other's investigation better and to discover mutual affinities. The aim of the research project "Revising and Connecting Body and Material Reinvented" was to achieve this through a team building process. It led to concrete collaborations on the one hand, and to a redefinition of our own identity as a research group on the other. During an internal online seminar of an entire working day in June 2020, all researchers involved gave a presentation so that the others could get a relevant picture of their project. In September 2020, the whole group participated in a live group discussion guided by external coaches Vijai Patchineelam and Adrijana Govdenovic. The goal was to search and find a collective identity and possible artistic and research collaborations between the members of the research group. Due to covid19 measures, the joint excursion had to be postponed until February 2021: a NGHTWLK on the Kalmthoutse Heide guided by Drs. Bart Van Dijck. To conclude the project, an evaluation moment was then organized in the Middelheim Museum and the new mission and vision text resulting from the discussions was presented.

The outcome of the project can be found on the page of Body and Material Reinvented.

Executive researchers: Roel Arkesteijn, Stefania Assandri, dr. Wim Wauman.
Participating researchers: Ines Ballesteros, Jo Caimo, drs. Anton Cotteleer, Michela dal Brollo, Ellen De Meutter, Adam Galach, Anna Godzina, dr. Athar Jaber, Valentine Kempynck, Renata Lamenza, Lavinia Rossetti, Chris Snick, dra. Vivi Touloumidi, drs. Karel Tuytschaever, Lies Van Assche, drs. Bart Van Dijck, Elisa Zuppini.