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Theatre pedagogy

This project aims at mapping the evolution of theater pedagogy in Flanders from 1946 on the basis of the archive of the Studio Herman Teirlinck / Higher Institute for Dramatic Art. It is being investigated which evolution can be determined in pedagogical working methods. For this the approach of the teachers is examined on the basis of pedagogical documents of the school, but also on the basis of the aesthetics and work processes of the student performances they supervised, and finally also by means of interviews with alumni of the school.

The goal of this research is twofold. On the one hand it is necessary to get a nuanced picture of the history of theater pedagogy in Flanders. On the other hand, it is important to find out how these teachers, with their artistic conception and pedagogical work method, have put a stamp on the future actors and cabaret artists.

The basis for this research is the former Studio archive, which is currently housed provisionally in the basements of the Conservatory. Personnel files, documentation folders about the performances with program magazines, photos and press clippings, and reports on pedagogical topics form the starting point for this research.

Researchers: Thomas Crombez, Jan Dewilde, Toon Brouwers, Heidi Broeckaert  
Promoter: Herman Mariën